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My Story

Elly was born in Sheridan, but moved with her family to Beach, North Dakota when she was 6. In 2021 at 18, Elly decided it was time to make her way back to the Cowboy state.


She did not know she had a dream of flying until her first flight in 2023. The second Elly stepped foot into the cockpit of the Bombardier CRJ-200, she knew that she was destined for the sky. Once she made the decision to pursue a pilots license, there was no turning back. Elly is currently working on acquiring her Private Pilots license and intends to continue her career toward a commercial pilot. 


When Elly is not at the airport or working on her ground school, you’ll find her with friends and family, spending time in the outdoors, practicing Hebrew and Russian language skills.  She also enjoys learning about permaculture/sustainable farming and dreaming about traveling. Some of her buckets list destinations include Israel, Brazil, & Norway!  

Elly's passion for aviation is contagious and she always shows off a big smile, especially any aircraft.  Expect to see her around the hangars and ramp often! 

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