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1990 Enstrom f-28f helicopter

Discover the 1990 Enstrom F-28F Helicopter at Sheridan Flight School

  • Rotor Wing Training

  • 225 HP - Turbo HIO-360 Engine

  • Garmin GTN750

  • $395/hr with fuel

The 1990 Enstrom F-28F helicopter is a cornerstone of our training fleet at Sheridan Flight School, offering students a reliable and versatile platform for mastering the fundamentals of helicopter flight. Renowned for its robust design and exceptional handling, the F-28F provides an ideal learning environment for aspiring pilots. Its powerful turbocharged engine ensures smooth and responsive performance, making it perfect for both basic training and advanced maneuvers. With a spacious and comfortable cabin, the F-28F allows for excellent visibility and communication between instructor and student, enhancing the overall training experience.

At Sheridan Flight School, we pride ourselves on maintaining our aircraft to the highest standards, ensuring that our 1990 Enstrom F-28F is always flight-ready and safe. Our dedicated team of mechanics meticulously inspects and services the helicopter to guarantee peak performance during every flight. Whether you are just starting your journey in aviation or looking to refine your skills, the F-28F offers a dependable and dynamic training experience. Join us and experience firsthand the advantages of learning to fly with one of the most trusted helicopters in the industry.

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