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Piper-J-3 Cub

Discover the Piper-J-3 Cub

  • 90 HP

  • Tailwheel Endorsements

  • $165/hr with fuel

Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school most beloved classic in our training fleet in our 1939 Piper J-3 Cub, offering students a timeless platform for learning the basics of flight.  Renowned for its simple design and forgiving flight characteristics dating back to pre-WWII, the J-3 Cub provides an ideal learning environment for aspiring pilots.  Her reliable Continental engine delivers smooth and consistent performance, making it perfect for primary flight instruction. With its tandem seating and excellent visibility, NC23145 ensures effective communication between instructor and student, enhancing the overall training experience and allowing students to fully appreciate the fundamentals of aviation.

At Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school, we are dedicated to teaching to the best of our students' abilities, with a strong emphasis on safety and proficiency.  NC23145 is meticulously maintained by our team of skilled maintenance technicians, ensuring she remains in peak condition and always flight-ready.  We understand the importance of reliable equipment in flight training, and our rigorous maintenance standards reflect our commitment to safety. Whether you are just starting your journey in aviation or looking to experience the charm of flying a classic aircraft, the Piper J-3 Cub offers a stable and supportive training environment.


Join us at Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school and discover the enduring appeal and reliability of one of the most iconic aircraft in aviation history!

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