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FIXED Wing Pilot Training at Sheridan pilots 307 flight school

Welcome to Fixed-Wing pilot training at Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school, where we offer a comprehensive range of programs to help you become a skilled and competent pilot.


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Private Pilot License (PPL)

A Private Pilot License (PPL), also known as a Private Pilot Certificate, is the most sought after type of pilot certification. By earning a PPL, you can legally fly an aircraft solo and take your family/friends to any airport or runway!  Flight training includes aircraft maneuvers, navigation, emergency procedures and cross-country flight planning. While people may seek the license for hobby or sport reasons, a private pilot certification is the first major milestone on the road to becoming an airline pilot!

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Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating is an essential certification for any pilot looking to advance their skills and enhance their safety in the skies. By earning an Instrument Rating, you gain the ability to legally fly an aircraft in a wider range of weather conditions and rely on your instruments for navigation. Flight training includes advanced navigation techniques without seeing outside the aircraft, instrument flight maneuvers, emergency procedures, and cross-country flight planning.  While some may pursue this rating to improve their flying capabilities for personal or business reasons, obtaining an Instrument Rating is a crucial step for those aspiring to become professional airline pilots!

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Commercial License

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a key certification for those looking to pursue a career in aviation. By earning a CPL, you gain the ability to be compensated for your flying services and significantly expand your career opportunities. Flight training includes advanced aircraft maneuvers, precision navigation, emergency procedures, and extensive cross-country flight planning. While some may seek this license to elevate their flying skills for personal achievements, a commercial pilot certification is a critical milestone for those aiming to become professional airline pilots or pursue other commercial flying roles!

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Tailwheel Endorsement

A Tailwheel Endorsement is a valuable addition to any pilot's skill set, allowing you to operate aircraft with a tailwheel landing gear configuration. Earning this endorsement makes you a competent "Stick and Rudder" pilot feeling each input on the aircraft.  Training includes mastering ground handling, takeoffs, landings, and advanced maneuvers specific to tailwheel aircraft.  While some pilots pursue this endorsement to enjoy the unique flying characteristics of tailwheel planes, it also provides valuable experience that can improve overall piloting skills. This endorsement is an excellent way to diversify your aviation expertise and gain greater versatility as a pilot!

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Spin/Upset Recovery

Spin/Upset Recovery Training is a specialized program designed to equip pilots with the skills and techniques necessary to recover from unusual flight attitudes and recover from spins.  This training provides invaluable experience in handling unexpected situations and regaining control of the aircraft under adverse conditions.  Pilots undergo comprehensive instruction on aerodynamics, recovery techniques, and preventive measures to avoid potentially dangerous flight situations.  While some pilots pursue this training for personal enrichment or to enhance their proficiency, it is particularly beneficial for those seeking to increase their confidence and safety in the air.  Mastering spin and upset recovery techniques is essential for maintaining situational awareness and ensuring a higher level of safety during flight operations!

Single Engine Sea (SES) Rating

A Single Engine Sea (SES) Rating is a specialized certification that allows pilots to operate single-engine aircraft equipped with straight or amphibuous floats for water takeoffs and landings. This rating opens up a whole new realm of aviation possibilities, enabling pilots to explore scenic destinations and remote areas accessible only by water. Training includes instruction on water operations, seaplane-specific maneuvers, docking procedures, and emergency techniques. Whether you're drawn to the thrill of water landings or seeking to expand your piloting skills, earning an SES rating offers a unique and exhilarating aviation experience!

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