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Lisa Martin

Fixed Wing Instructor


Phone: (307) 388-0624


My Story

I started flying in high school in the summer of 1983 off an east slope Rocky Mountain Montana ranch strip along the Canadian border. Now Commercial SEL, MEL, SES, Glider, Instrument-airplane, and CFI-i/Gold Seal, also A&P. At approximately 3800 hours, 1700 as an instructor, 1600 hours tailwheel, 1000 SES and 850 hours of logged mountain time. Flight experience was gained mostly flying light tailwheel airplanes in the mountains of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Many unlogged hours were spent flying low level in mountains being mentored through flying wildlife surveys, telemetry, predator control, and search and rescue. Time also spent as a tour pilot for Brooks Seaplane Service flying a Beaver, Dauntless Air as a chase plane pilot following FireBosses around the country and Bighorn Airways briefly SIC in their KingAir and CASAs; and plenty of backcountry camping and fishing in the mix for fun. Married to Glenn Smith (DPE), we love flipping airplanes and currently own/fly our PA18-150, Piper J3, PA30 Twin Comanche and an experimental RV6. My mom says I always look happiest when I’m flying!

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