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glenn smith

designated pilot examiner (DPE)


(208) 255-5500

My Story

Around 1970, Glenn started flying in a high school aviation program.  A decade later in 1980's, he opened his own company Springfield Flying Service.  Beyond providing primary, instrument and multi engine instruction, Glenn specialized in Stearman aerobatic instruction, rides at air shows, banner towing, seaplane instruction and aircraft ferrying.


In 2012, Glenn opened Coeur d’Alene Seaplanes in North Idaho.  During this time, he became the primary test pilot for the Rutan Designs Ski-Gull.  At end of 2017, he and his business partner sold the company because “business was too good.”


Glenn has over 15,000 hours total time including 9,000 hours tailwheel, 5,500 hours in a Stearman, 5,200 hours dual instruction given and close to 2,000 hours Single Engine Sea.


Glenn’s FAA Certifications are: ATP, Single Engine Land and Sea, Multiengine Land and Sea, Flight Instructor Airplane Single and Multi Engine and Instrument; Mechanic A&P and IA.


In 2016, Glenn became a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).  According to him, he doesn’t fly much anymore but “just goes for rides in airplanes.”  Nevertheless, when not conducting check rides. he can be found either flying or fixing an aircraft.


With an incredible variety of flying experience and being our DPE,  we are very lucky to have Glenn on our team!

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