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State-of-the-art technology to fly without going anywhere or paying for gas.

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The procedural trainer


Discovery Session: $25* / hr | Adults: $50* / hr

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advanced training device certified

  • Wrap-around visuals, realistic flight controls, and interchangeable cockpits

  • Cessna 172 (Steam), Cessna 182 G1000 & Beechcraft Baron (Steam) panels

  • Students can log 2.5 hours as a private pilot, 20 hours of instrument, and 50 hours of commercial instruction.  

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x-plane 11 SIM

Ideal for young pilots


Ages 15 and under: FREE | Adults: $25* / hr 

  • Detailed & realistic 3-D graphics 

  • Features a 55" flat-screen cockpit 

  • Redbird yoke, throttle, and rudder pedals

  • 15+ aircraft to fly

  • 35,500+ airports

*All funds from simulator training fees are used to further the Sheridan Pilots Association's mission to promote aviation awareness in the Sheridan County community. 

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