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Certified Flight Instructor

(347) 804-6139 


My Story

Dan's aviation journey began reading his older brother's aviation books while going to LaGuardia High School in New York.  He remembers being hooked from the start and always looking forward to reading about Bernoulli's Principle.  To Dan, flight is freedom.   


After moving to Wyoming, his aviation dreams were re-ignited after stumbling across one of his brother’s aviation books packed away.  Whenever he travelled back and forth to the East Coast on planes, trains and automobiles to see family, he found himself obsessed with learning all he could about aviation.  At one point, his father found a ground school he could attend to formally start working toward a Pilots License.  

The rest is history! Dan is now Certified Flight Instructor who enjoys teaching, continues to learn and wants our world to have more pilots!  He always things back to being one of the initial students of Sheridan Pilots 307.  He flew many of his commercial hours in 307SP and he first solo'd in 8410U.  

Dan is married to the love of his life Jennifer and together welcomed a baby girl who they love more than words could express.  Sheridan will be their home for some time as they love the beautiful community.  When not teaching or flying, Dan enjoys taking care of his baby girl, be on the mountain, go fly fishing or studying. 

His motto is "Life is good, flight is fun and let’s get those Wheels Up!"

Dan brings valuable teaching backgrounds to his lessons and is always involved helping back up Bryan.  Thanks for being on our team Dan!

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