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Cessna 172M Skyhawk amphibious seaplane

the Cessna 172M Skyhawk Amphib!

  • 180 HP

  • Wipline 2350 Amphibuous Floats

  • Garmin Aera 760 GPS

  • Single-Engine Sea (SES) rating

  • Contact for details

Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school is excited to offer Single-Engine Sea (SES) training on two nearby lakes in a Cessna 172M Skyhawk with Wipline 2350A amphibious floats!  N307TG is a standout member of our training fleet, providing students with a unique and versatile platform for mastering the art of seaplane flying!  This amphibious aircraft combines the reliable and familiar features of the Cessna 172M with the added capability of water landings and takeoffs, offering an exciting and comprehensive learning experience.  Her 180HP robust Lycoming engine and amphibious design ensure smooth, responsive performance on both land and water, making it perfect for a wide range of training scenarios.  N307TG's spacious cockpit and excellent visibility facilitate effective communication between instructor and student, enhancing the overall learning environment.

We are dedicated to teaching to the best of our students' abilities, with a strong emphasis on safety and proficiency. N307TG is meticulously maintained by our team of experienced maintenance technicians, ensuring that she remains in peak condition and flight-ready at all times.  We understand the importance of reliable equipment in flight training, and our commitment to rigorous maintenance standards reflects our dedication to safety.  Whether you are embarking on your first flight lesson or looking to build advanced piloting skills, N307TG provides a stable and supportive training environment. 


Join us at Sheridan Pilots 307 flight school and experience the unmatched reliability and performance of one of the most trusted training aircraft in aviation history with the added freedom to land on the water!

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