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Enstrom 480B Helicopter

Discover the Enstrom 480B

  • Commercial Rotor Operations

  • 285 HP - Rolls-Royce Turbine

  • Contact for details

The Enstrom 480B helicopter is a vital part of our training fleet at Sheridan Rotor Training, offering the general public air tours and rotor students a state-of-the-art platform for mastering the intricacies of helicopter flight.  Known for her dependability, advanced design and exceptional handling, N480LR provides an ideal learning environment for both turbine transition pilots.  Her powerful Rolls-Royce engine delivers smooth and reliable performance, making N480LR suitable for a wide range of training exercises, from basic maneuvers to advanced flight techniques.  With a spacious and modern cabin, N480LR ensures excellent visibility and communication between instructor and student, significantly enhancing the training experience.

At Sheridan Rotor Training, we are dedicated to teaching to the best of our students' abilities, with a primary focus on aircraft safety and student proficiency.  Our Enstrom 480B helicopter is meticulously maintained by our team of skilled maintenance technicians, ensuring she remains in peak condition and always flight-ready.  We recognize the importance of dependable equipment in aviation training, and our rigorous maintenance standards reflect our commitment to safety.


Whether you want to go on a scenic air tour or seeking to learn fly turbine helicopters, the Enstrom 480B offers a reliable and dynamic training experience.   Join us at Sheridan Rotor Training and discover the exceptional advantages of learning to fly with one of the most trusted helicopters in the industry!

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